Support to turn your dream career into reality

One of the keys to a successful career pivot is having the right support. In my experience most people need someone to help them implement new ideas and keep them accountable. Otherwise, they risk hitting snooze and going back to sleep! I know because I’ve done it myself …

So, once you’ve completed the Dream Career program you need to find a way to keep the momentum going and take action.

You might think you can create your own support group made up of family, friends or colleagues but that doesn’t usually work. Those people can prejudge you and often have their own motives for offering advice. It is far more effective to get support from people who don’t know you as they can offer more objective input. Plus I have a range of experiences, contacts and connections that can fast track your success.


How it works

This pay by the month service offers you a range of extras to make your pivot quicker, smoother and more successful. You can sign up for as long as you like but I recommend a minimum of 3 months so you can get some real momentum going.

It’s ideal for people who’ve completed the self paced or individual Dream Career Program. Using the concepts from the program, it shows you how to apply the ideas to your career.


What you get

  • Access to checklists for each step in the pivot process
  • A  monthly online workshop full of ideas
  • A  monthly question and answer session to help you take action

You can sign up for individual support or join the support group.


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