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Karen Schmidt takes team leaders from surviving to thriving

She is an experienced speaker, coach and the author of 5 books


Karen Schmidt in action

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“Delegates voted Karen’s session their favourite in the business stream at the conference. She provided insights on how to nurture their staff and create succession plans for strong leaders in their businesses.” Oliver Judd, Executive Director, National Electrical and Communications Association NSW & ACT


Why book Karen

finallong 200x300 - SpeakingKaren is passionate about helping team leaders maximise the engagement, confidence and performance of their teams. She has worked with 1,000s of team leaders in the last 20 years to taking them from surviving to thriving.

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An experienced speaker who has presented in 8 countries, Karen is a Certified Speaking Professional, a title held by less than 10% of speakers internationally. She holds a Bachelor of Adult Education degree and is the author of 5 books.

Karen offers practical advice to help participants identify their strengths and use them to engage their teams. The result is they increase their competence and confidence so their organisations benefit from the resulting higher productivity, lower turnover and increased innovation.

Karen is an authentic, engaging and interactive speaker who uses metaphors to explain how team leaders can change the way they show up in their role.

She is available for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, workshops and as a panel member or panel leader.


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Becoming a thriving leader: Mindset shifts that help team leaders thrive

Going from surviving to thriving in your role as a team leader is easy when you know how. Master 3 simple mindset shifts that will help you stress less, smile more and see results from your team.

Foundations of effective leadership: Skills that grow successful leadership careers

Leading a team today can be hard work if you don’t have the right foundations in place. If you can master 5 basic skills you will find your problems decrease and your team naturally start to grow.

Challenge accepted: Successfully navigating the challenges of leading

There are always going to challenges when you lead. If you want to be in the driving seat and take advantage of the opportunities they present then you need to develop a plan and get your team prepared for the road ahead.

The dance of collaboration: Step beyond teamwork and move up as a leader

If you’re ready to take a step up in your leadership career stop being a team player and start being a collaborator. Discover how partnering with people inside and outside your organisation can boost your success.

Sustainable success: How to create a sustainable career

So you’ve reached a level of success as a leader. Congratulations! Be careful, if you don’t watch out one day you can turn around and discover it is gone. What you need is a way to create sustainable success, the kind that will last through the inevitable ups and downs of your career.

Creating thriving leaders: Developing team leaders who can help your organisation to prosper

If you want to see your organisation thrive then you need to rethink the way you develop your team leaders. Discover the 3 essential skill sets they need and how to deliver them using a 4 step model that creates real behavioural change.


Panel discussions

Karen is available as a panelist to discuss a range of topics including transitioning from team member to team leader, leading a team in challenging time, helping your team cope with change, collaborating as a leader, identifying leaders of the future and developing the next generation of leaders.

She can also facilitate your panel and her services include making recommendations on panelists, briefing panelists, suggesting different panel formats, designing panel questions, keeping the session on time and creating audience engagement.


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Why not offer your audience something different by teaching them how to dance.

As a competitive ballroom dancer and teacher, Karen can show your audience how to dance and follow it with a facilitated discussion on the keys to successful collaboration.

Then they can use their new skills at your gala dinner!


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What clients say

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“Karen is an inspiring speaker who uses a unique and innovative twist on leadership with her entertaining, engaging and motivating style. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to boost their frontline leaders. ” Karen Karakaya, Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW Inc


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“Karen’s gardening analogy extended to planting, watering, weeding and fertilizing our employees to maximise their growth, productivity and efficacy. She presented a fabulous and practical overview of team engagement with ideas we could implement as soon as we got back to work.” Craig Allingham, Australian Physiotherapy Association conference


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“Delegate feedback showed they were very impressed with your presentations. They loved your gardening analogy, combined with your engaging and animated presentation style.” Nicola Young, Conference Chair, Association of Queensland Nurse Leaders

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“Karen’s sessions were outstanding and delegates are continuing to comment on the key insights they took away. Her messages of nurturing and growth were a great fit for our organisation and her excellent service was consistently prompt and professional. She more than met our expectations.” Miriam Lentern, Leadership forum organiser, South Western Sydney Institute

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