You’re sleep walking 

quizsleepwalking 1024x279 - Sleep walking

Research by the Gallup Organisation over the last few decades has found that across all countries people can be divided into 3 categories:

  • 17% are actively disengaged or in a coma, contributing nothing, being kept alive by the system and hating what they do.
  • 70% are not engaged, they’re like zombies mindlessly sleep walking through their careers doing OK but not great.
  • 13% are awake at work, or engaged, loving their work and achieving great success.

Congratulations on being normal . . . but not in a good way.

sleepwalking 200x300 - Sleep walkingYou see most people today are in the same place. They’re going through the motions in their career, knowing that what they’re doing isn’t their dream career but not sure how to wake up and fix it. I know because I was where you are now.

Your career is going OK but it’s not great. That’s what makes it so hard for you to take action. You aren’t a failure but you don’t want to risk losing the success you’ve got by pursuing your dream career. I’m here to tell you that if you’re living someone else’s dream career you’re already in danger of that happening. If you aren’t fully awake at work then you aren’t performing to your full potential. You know it and so do other people, especially the people who can impact your career success like your manager or your customers.

Plus, when you’re sleep walking you aren’t watching out for the signs that your career is in danger from technology, government legislation or changing consumer spending patterns. Being awake let’s see that danger coming so you can future proof your career and avoid falling victim to redundancy, retrenchment or irrelevance.

The only way you can cope is by getting angry, being anxious or turning to an addiction to get you through. Sure, it might be a socially acceptable addiction like shopping or sugar but it is doing you serious harm. Your relationships are in danger of becoming dysfunctional too . . .

  • When did you last have the time or energy to really enjoy time with friends, your partner or your kids?
  • Did you really relax on your last holiday or did you spend half the time dreading going back to work?
  • Have you stopped doing any of the things you love because of your work?

Don’t join the list of people who get to the end of their life and think:

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”

According to Palliative Care Nurse Bronnie Ware, who spent years with the dying, that was their number one regret. Don’t let it be yours! Don’t wait for the alarm to go off on your life and wake you up with a jolt!

It’s time to stop dreaming about the career you wish you had and find a way to turn your career dream into reality!

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