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Whether you’re currently awake, sleep walking or in a coma the Dream Career Program can help. Not sure which one you are? Take my free quiz and find out.

Over 6 weeks I take you through a process that will turn your dream career into reality by showing you how to:

  • Get clear on what your dream career looks like and what it doesn’t
  • Confidently redefine career success on your terms
  • Eliminate blocks and barriers that are limiting your career success
  • Reduce the fear and uncertainty around your next career move
  • Design a simple, effective strategy for achieving your dream career
  • Use practical tips and tricks for taking action that actually work
  • Make it easy for you to have your dream career in less time than you thought possible


The Dream Career Program is based on my pivot process which is the result of more than 20 years of experience. I’ve found out the hard way how to have meaningful career success so you don’t have to. Learn more by reading my story. When you pivot, even a small amount, you can get yourself on the path to authentic, meaningful success. Doing a pivot is easy when you know how.


Here’s what you’ll learn in the program:

1week - ProgramDefining your dream career

• A systematic way of assessing your dream career so you understand what it is you really want
• 5 criteria you need to consider when designing your dream career
• How to analyse your career history to identify patterns and gain valuable knowledge on your dream career
• Making sure your dream career represents your authentic version of success
• Understand what’s stopping you from having your dream career
2week - ProgramCreating a well defined core

• Why a strong core is the foundation of any successful career pivot
• Identify the 5 parts of your core that will determine your career success
• A process for examining each part of your core that will help you make better career decisions
• How to strengthen your core to make your pivot easier
• Understand how and why your core gets eroded and the damage that does to you
3week - ProgramImproving your alignment for greater success

• How to measure your current degree of alignment
• Reading the warning signs that you’re out of alignment
• The most common reasons your core gets out of alignment
• The key to realigning your core
• A 3 step test to know you are in alignment
4week - ProgramSetting a new direction that works for you

• Why you need to get clear on where you are now before you set a new direction
• How understanding your why for doing a pivot will help you set a new direction
• Why figuring out what you don’t want to do is vitally important
• Four simple steps to help you identify your new direction
• Tips on how to determine which of the 15 types of pivot is right for you
5week - ProgramApplying leverage to multiply your results

• Why people don’t take advantage of their leverage
• Simple ways to maximise the power of the skills you already have
• How to use your experiences to speed up your move to your dream career
• Making the most of your contacts to help you . . . without making them feel used
• The 3 step process that let’s you create greater leverage from less effort
6week - ProgramDeveloping momentum to get more success with less effort

• How gaining momentum can boost your chances of a successful career pivot
• A powerful way to generate maximum momentum for your career pivot
• The biggest mistake people make when it comes to creating momentum
• Tips on successfully overcoming the common setbacks you will encounter along the way
• How to create the right support system to supercharge your results


What the program includes

  • Pre program activities to get you ready to learn
  • 6 sessions containing a video, audio files and written notes so you can choose the format that works best for you
  • Worksheets for each session so you can record your learning
  • An action plan for each session so you take small steps every week to move closer to your dream career


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I’m so confident the program can help you that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you do the program and apply what you’ve learnt and 6 weeks after you finish you haven’t seen any improvement in your career, I will give your money back. Why that time frame? Because when you pivot it takes time to see results. If you’re looking for the quick fix, magic bullet solution then you are in the wrong place! I aim to offer a realistic and proven system for creating a more satisfying career.


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Option 1: Self paced . . . $198 (special launch price available to the first 20 people only)

For 6 weeks you receive weekly sessions that you work through at your own pace.


Option 2: One on one . . . $1,980 (special launch price available to the first 5 people only)

You not only get access to the 6 sessions from the self paced program but you also receive 6 x 1 hour one on one coaching sessions to help you analyse your situation and apply what you’re learning. Your online sessions can be held at a time that suits you.