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Thriving Leaders Program

Are you responsible for developing team leaders in your organisation?

Do you need to find a way to get better results from your development programs?

If you want to create a steady supply of quality team leaders who can engage their teams and boost the performance of your organisation then you need to find a way to help them go from surviving to thriving.

Thriving Leaders

Thriving Leaders model


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Have you noticed:

  • You have trouble getting people to take on team leader roles
  • There is high turnover in your team members or team leaders
  • Team leaders are struggling to handle day to day issues, making costly or visible mistakes
  • Team leaders are stressed or working long hours, which is unsafe and unsustainable
  • Other leaders are spending a lot of time dealing with the issues team leaders should be able to handle themselves
  • Team leaders don’t want to admit they aren’t coping as they’ve always been good at what they do
  • You’re concerned about losing high performers due to a lack of development and promotion opportunities
  • Team leaders can manage but you want to see them lead and work together as a team
  • Your team leaders are doing a great job but you know they are capable of more
  • You need a system for preparing potential leaders ready to step up and lead


If you’ve tried sending your team leaders to workshops and found they aren’t creating any behavioural change then the Thriving Leaders Program is the solution.

I’ve spent 20 years developing team leaders and used my experiences to design a program that actually works.

The Thriving Leaders Program is a 3 step approach that gives your team leaders the important skill sets they need to go from surviving to thriving and help your organisation to prosper. Using my Thriving Team Leader Indicator I work with you to determine the appropriate level of program for your organisation.

Thriving Leaders Program levels


Foundation skills

Every team leader needs to understand the basic skills of leading a team. This means they understand why their role matters. what their role involves and how to handle the day to day responsibilities. Only once they are competent at these foundation skills can they move on to more advanced skills.


Challenge skills

All leaders will eventually need to deal with the more complex aspects of their role. They must understand how to prepare their team to face challenges and then lead them through those challenges when the time comes. This will help them to gain the confidence to handle even the biggest challenge.


Collaboration skills

For a leader to thrive they need to learn how to work with their peers and external stakeholders such as clients, suppliers, government agencies and industry peers. These skills take them beyond teamwork and show them how to partner with others and create innovative solutions.


The Thriving Leaders Program is ideal if you:

  • Want to develop your team leaders and have no resources to handle it yourself
  • Have realised that a one off events don’t create behavioural change
  • Believe your current program is more focused on management skills and you’re looking to give your team leaders the skills to lead
  • Want to offer a development opportunity that allows your team leaders to apply their skills on the job


The program is not suitable for:

  • Organisations that want a quick fix solution
  • Senior leaders who are not willing to get involved
  • Team leaders who are not open to learning


Benefits of the program include:

  • A detailed analysis before we begin so you can identify actions that will support the program and increase it’s effectiveness
  • Preparation sessions so participants and their leaders are ready to get the most out of the program
  • A coaching format that allows your team leaders to critically reflect on their learning with the help of a coach
  • Short sessions held fortnightly so there is maximum learning with minimum time way from their team
  • Practical, structured activities between sessions so your team leaders can apply what they are learning
  • A self directed component that gets your team leaders to take responsibility for their own development
  • A support process so team leaders stay on track between sessions
  • Encourages your senior leaders to get involved so they role model the right behaviour
  • Action planning so your team leaders keep learning long after the program is over
  • Follow up system after the program to help them implement their action plan


The Thriving Leaders Program is available for teams or individual leaders and can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation.

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What clients say


gympie 300x150 - Program

“Karen was able to genuinely connect with our very diverse group of team leaders. She addressed issues that directly impact their roles and helped them develop practical solutions. We can already see a difference in the way they lead.” Leanne Amse, Specialist – Organisational Development, Gympie Regional Council

kenmills 300x92 - Program


“Karen’s program was the perfect fit as it required our employees to show us that they were prepared to invest in themselves in order to progress. Karen worked through a structured selection process with us to select our participants who have all shown positive improvements since completing the program.” Brett Mills, Dealer Principal, Ken Mills Toyota Sunshine Coast

redcross - Program


“The program was exactly what I was looking for – an emphasis on development of practical leadership aptitudes and sharing of experiences across the program leadership team to build shared understanding and teamwork.” Teri O’Toole, WA State Manager Migration Support Programs, Australian Red Cross



scope 300x64 - Program

“We engaged Karen to work with our mid-level and frontline leaders as part of an organisational culture change strategy as her approach to leadership development aligned with our ethos of holistic support. The Thriving Leaders Program has helped our leaders to develop the skills and confidence to improve our response to HR issues and assist us to face the challenge of industry wide change.” Tracey Lloyd, CEO, S.C.O.P.E. Inc