journal - Keeping a journalI recommend you keep a journal during your coaching sessions. It’s a great way to fast track your progress as it allows you to see patterns and reminds you of how far you’ve come.

If you’ve never kept a journal before here are some tips to help you …

How You can make it a paper or electronic journal, it’s up to you. Some people like the idea of not being able to edit their thoughts so they make it a physical journal. That also lets you draw pictures or paste images.

When You should aim to write in your journal after each session and at least twice a week. Most people find a regular pattern of entries encourages them to take action so they have something to record!

What It is entirely up to you what your journal contains … there are no rules but here are some suggestions:

  • Thoughts on our sessions
  • Reflections on past experiences
  • Questions you have
  • Analysis of your behaviour
  • Ideas on your options
  • Feedback you’ve received
  • Concerns you have
  • Quotes that resonate with you
  • Images that inspire you


If you have trouble getting started we can work on that in our sessions.