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The Thriving Leaders Program is only one way I take team leaders from surviving to thriving. I also offer individual coaching to meet the needs of people who are:


  • Team leaders wanting a more flexible way to improve their leadership skills
  • Team leaders requesting guidance on a specific issue
  • Team leaders looking to implement ideas they’ve learnt in another leadership program
  • Team leaders needing help to get promoted, apply for a new role or change careers
  • Senior leaders seeking to better work with their team leaders
  • HR professionals aiming to improve the way they identify, develop or support team leaders
  • Small business owners hiring team leaders for the first time


I’ve been coaching people for over 10 years and know it is the quickest and most effective way to learn new skills, increase confidence and develop the right mindset. I find it helps people in the short term by giving them the skills to address the day to day issues in their role and in the long term by giving them ideas that will boost their career progression and set them up for success.

To achieve those results I get my coaching clients to focus on 3 key areas:


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At the heart of effective leadership lies a clear and consistent motivation. Without it a leader can easily lose their way and fail to provide a path for their team to follow. I help my clients to articulate their why so they can share it with others.



Leaders face competing demands and must be able to decide what deserves their time and attention. It’s not about taking action, it’s about taking the right action. I show you how to separate the urgent from the important.



Once the right actions have been identified the methods used to implement them will make the difference between success and failure. I work with you to determine those steps and maximise your results.


Benefits of individual coaching include:

  • Encouraging you to reflect on your behaviour
  • Exploring the thoughts behind your actions
  • Focusing your attention on the right priorities
  • Helping you implement existing knowledge
  • Analysing your options so you make better decisions
  • Offering an impartial perspective on your situation
  • Presenting new ways of looking at your issues
  • Identifying areas for further development
  • Being a sounding board for new ideas
  • Challenging you to get out of your comfort zone


What to expect when I’m your coach:

  • Analysis of your situation to determine your needs
  • Work with you to set goals for our sessions
  • Sessions held at a time to suit your needs including after hours if required
  • Sessions held face to face or online depending on your location and preferences
  • A structured yet flexible approach that takes into account your needs
  • The right balance of support and challenge to help you develop
  • Extra resources to boost your learning
  • Detailed notes for each session to document your progress
  • A customised action plan to help you implement your learning
  • Email access between sessions to answer any questions


I only work with a maximum of 4 coaching clients at any one time so contact me today to discuss your options.


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What clients say


infofish 300x107 - Coaching“As a coach Karen is honest, direct and challenging yet supportive.  She has provided guidance on best practices with additional readings while also working through specific issues that affect my business.  As a result of her coaching I am developing as a leader who is able to take on new opportunities.” Stefan Sawynok, CEO, Infofish Australia

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“Regular coaching sessions with Karen over the last 18 months have provided me with the support, guidance and challenge I need to keep me focused. I value the wealth of knowledge that Karen brings regarding leadership styles and ways to grow yourself as a leader.” Dr AJ Lanyon, Regional Director QLD, Australian Bureau of Statistics


seq 300x76 - Coaching“As a coach Karen is direct and firm, but also consultative and adaptable. She takes feedback in a constructive way and worked with me to ensure she understood my goals. Karen has helped me identify key aspects of my leadership style to work on and equipped me with concrete actions I can take to grow as a leader”. Annalie Roux, Manager Policy Strategy Research and Innovation, SEQ Water 


cloughdowner - Coaching“Karen’s style is very natural making her easy to communicate with. Our coaching sessions provided me with positive affirmation that what I was doing to deal with the challenges of my role was correct. Karen has helped me to see that I have the capability to lead”. Dave Phillips, Safety Supervisor, CloughDowner JV 


elephant2 150x150 - Coaching“I really appreciated Karen’s ability to guide me rather than just giving me the answers. As this is my first time being a leader she has helped me to develop a new mindset and begin to move from being a friend to my team members to thinking of myself as their leader”. Sally Shaw, Property Portfolio Manager, Elephant Property


snowscene 300x117 - Coaching“As a result of my coaching sessions with Karen I was able to make changes to the way I lead which reduced expenses and made me more productive. The business benefited from the increase in staff engagement and my parents were able to step back from the business.” Emily Warbrick, General Manager, Snowscene