Why coaching works

I’ve been coaching people for over 10 years and I know it’s the quickest and most effective way to learn new skills, increase your confidence and develop the right mindset to create a great career. Coaching works because it gives you personalised, individual attention. It’s amazing how powerful that can be in changing your behaviour. I know because I have coaches myself.

There are at least 10 ways coaching can fast track your career:

1. Clarify what you really want6. Offer impartial, unbiased advice on your options
2. Challenge your assumptions7. Give you a different perspective on your situation
3. Analyse your situation to identify patterns8. Share experiences and ideas from others
4. Eliminate your barriers to success9. Provide access to resources and contacts
5. Encourage you to get out of your comfort zone10. Make you accountable for taking action


How I can help

Option 1: Customised coaching

You can sign up for 6, 12 or 18 coaching sessions tailored specifically to your situation. It might be that you want to focus on:

  • Developing a career plan
  • Securing a promotion
  • Preparing for a performance review
  • Coping with stress and overwhelm
  • Overcoming a career stumble
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Taking a career break
  • Starting your own business
  • Moving into a leadership role
  • Stepping up to the next level as a leader
  • Dealing with leadership challenges
  • Making the transition to retirement


Option 2: Structured coaching

Choose from one of my structured, 6 session coaching programs:

Dream Career Program … if you like your current career but don’t love it maybe it’s time to discover your dream career. Instead of changing careers I can show you how to do a career pivot, which is quicker and easier plus it involves less risk. This program will take you through a 5 step process so you can get clear on where to from here.  This program is also available as a self paced version.

Career Accelerator Program … if you’re looking to take your existing career to the next level I can show you 5 simple yet effective skill sets that will boost your results. This program is for people who know what they want but need help to turn their plan into action sooner rather than later.

Career Refresh Program … if you’ve been working for a while you might find yourself in a bit of a slump. You don’t want to change careers or move ahead but you do want to find a way to enjoy your career more. I can introduce you to 5 strategies that will take you from stale to fresh and help you stay that way.

Leadership Foundations Program … if you want to become a team leader or already are but don’t feel you have all the basic skills this program is for you. I’ll show  you some practical skills to help you successfully lead your team through everyday situations.

Leadership Challenge Program … if you’ve mastered the basics of leading or you’re facing challenges in your role this program is the answer. It will give you the confidence to handle 5 of the most common challenges leaders face so you and your team are less stressed and more effective.

Leadership Collaboration Program … if you’re an experienced leader wanting to get promoted then this program will give you the skills to stand out from the crowd. It focuses on the latest skill set for any successful leader: the ability to collaborate. You’ll learn to recognise collaboration opportunities and make the most of them.


What to expect

I’ve designed my coaching services so you get the maximum benefit from the time we spend together. Coaching is not about having a chat, it’s about taking action to improve your career. Here’s what you can expect with me as your coach …

  • Sessions held weekly, fortnightly or monthly at a time that suits you, including outside business hours at no extra cost
  • Meeting in person or online depending on your location and preferences
  • A structured but flexible approach that adapts to your changing needs
  • The right balance of support and challenge to help you develop
  • Notes for each session with a customised action plan
  • Email access between sessions to review actions or give you input on issues
  • Extra resources including copies of my books, links to websites and introductions to my network of contacts
  • Follow up support afterwards to keep you focused and embed behaviour change


Free discovery session

I offer a free 30 minute discovery session to assess your situation and see if we are a good match to work together.


To book in simply contact me  to organise your session.

What clients say

“What impressed me about Karen’s coaching was her style. She is honest, direct and challenging yet supportive.  Karen has provided guidance on best practices with additional readings while also working through specific issues.  As a result of her coaching I’m able to take on new opportunities.” Stefan Sawynok, Infofish

”As a coach Karen has given me a new perspective on the way I operate and helped me to think differently. Her practical guidance has developed my personal resilience in the face of challenging situations.” Jonathon Khoo, Director Public Finance QLD, Australian Bureau of Statistics

“Karen is inspiring, very personable and easy to communicate with. The value I received from her coaching is enormous. I wouldn’t have been able to continue in my present role without Karen’s guidance.” Philippa Alford, Centre Director, Headland Montessori

“Regular coaching sessions with Karen over the last 18 months have provided me with the support, guidance and challenge I need to keep me focused. I value the wealth of knowledge that Karen brings to our sessions.” Dr AJ Lanyon, Regional Director QLD, Australian Bureau of Statistics

“As a coach Karen is direct and firm, but also consultative and adaptable. She takes feedback in a constructive way and worked with me to ensure she understood my goals. Karen has helped me identify key areas to work on and equipped me with concrete actions I can take”. Annalie Roux, Manager Policy Strategy Research and Innovation, SEQ Water

“Karen’s style is very natural making her easy to communicate with. Our coaching sessions provided me with positive affirmation that what I was doing to deal with the challenges of my role was correct.”. David Phillips, Safety Supervisor, CloughDowner JV