Your situation

Not everyone wants to be part of the Sustainers Support Group but they still want support in taking action.  That could be because you:

  • learn best one on one
  • have a unique set of circumstances
  • are concerned about confidentiality
  • want more intense support
  • don’t want to wait for a group to be available


How it works

In these sessions we can go into detail on your situation and I help you come up with a plan for creating your own unique, authentic and sustainable career. You not only get the benefit of personalised attention, you can take advantage of my skills in CV writing, business plan design and idea pitching. I can also introduce you to contacts in my network to help you.


What it includes

Coaching is only available to people who have completed the program. Here’s how it works:

  • We meet for an hour once a fortnight
  • Sessions are held at a time to suit you
  • You receive 6 sessions over 3 months at a cost of $1,980
  • You can always sign up for another coaching program if you need more support at a discount of 10%


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