Welcome on board as a coaching client. I’m really looking forward to working with you. Making the decision to get a coach is a great first step in creating your dream career. The next step is making sure you get the most out of the experience. Here are a few ideas to help you do that …


Before a session

  • If we’re meeting online make sure you’re in a quiet, comfortable and interruption free space
  • Turn off your email and put your phone on divert or silent so they don’t distract you
  • Write down anything that might distract you during our session so you can come back to it when we’re finished
  • Review the notes from our previous session and your journal entries (I’ll talk more about that in our first session)


During a session

  • Don’t worry about taking notes, that’s my job.
  • Say what’s on your mind, don’t filter your thoughts. Often they contain valuable insights into what really matters to you.
  • Realise it’s normal if you can’t answer a question. Part of the process is about making you think and not everyone can do that on the spot.


After a session

  • Review the notes I send you and let me know if you have any changes. I want to make sure they are an accurate reflection of our session as we’ll refer back to them.
  • Start taking action immediately. It might only be writing down some ideas or sending an email. The important thing is you do something!
  • Contact me if you have any major questions or concerns rather than wait until the next session. That way I can be prepared to help you. I might even be able to suggest actions you can take right away.


In preparation for our first session can you please answer a few questions …


    Your name

    What is your career history?

    What is your current role?

    How will you measure the success of your coaching sessions?

    How would you describe your communication style?

    What style of coaching are you seeking?

    Are there any factors that will impact our coaching sessions?