Career Coaching for Leaders

What’s the next step in your career?


Are you early in your career and wanting to get ahead?

Are you mid career and finding you need a change?

Are you nearing the end of your career and considering your options?

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I’ve been coaching leaders for around 10 years and lately I’m finding that many clients are asking for my help with a whole range of other issues. That’s why I’ve decided to add career coaching to my services.

Whether you’re an employee or self employed, early in your career, mid career or coming to the end of your career, figuring out your next career step can be difficult. Sure, you can ask friends, family or your leader but they usually have a biased perspective. If you really want to examine your options and come up with a plan that works for you it helps to have unbiased input from someone who’s been in your situation.

I know what it’s like to sit back and think “what’s my next step?”. Over my 37 year career I’ve taken many next steps and learnt the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

Your next step could be moving on or staying and making changes with a renewed commitment. You might need to step forward, sideways or backwards.

My goal is to work with you to figure out your next step by helping you develop focus, increase confidence and take action.


I can help if you want to:

start your leadership career | find a new job | get promoted | change career | reignite your passion | cope with a crisis | start studying | deal with change | go from employee to self employed | go from self employed to employee | take or return from a career break | transition to retirement


I’m a naturally curious person with the ability to analyse your situation by:

  • asking thought provoking questions
  • challenging your thinking
  • giving you a different perspective
  • presenting you with ideas from others
  • providing support as you explore your options


What is unique about my coaching?

  1. Use my own coaching model based on years of personal and professional experience
  2. Assessment process to understand your situation
  3. Flexible timing of your sessions including after hours at no extra cost
  4. Include copies of my books full of practical ideas
  5. Recommend further resources to expand your thinking
  6. Introduce you to people in my network of contacts
  7. Provide detailed notes for your sessions
  8. Design customised step by step action plans for each session
  9. Support you with email contact between sessions
  10. Follow up process afterwards to keep you on track


I’m offering individual coaching and online group sessions. To find out how I can help you take the next step in your career contact me now.


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My experience

  • 17 years as an employee, temp and contractor
  • 20 years self employed
  • Degree in Adult Education
  • Background in Human Resource management specialising in recruitment
  • Coach for 10 years, professional speaker for 15 years and trainer/facilitator for 25 years
  • Expertise in leadership, employee engagement and inter generational communication
  • Experienced in conducting strategic planning sessions for government and industry
  • Guest panelist and panel leader for industry events and conferences
  • MC for conferences of up to 500 people
  • Author of 5 books on career planning, personal development and leadership
  • Conducted research projects on career reinvention, training needs and leadership issues
  • Worked with corporate, government, small business, not for profits and associations
  • Industry knowledge of car sales, trades, franchising, disability, retail, real estate, childcare, IT, finance, consulting, tertiary education, manufacturing, government, military and police
  • Engaged on an ongoing basis by major organisations including Qantas, Petronas, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Griffith University and Australian Red Cross
  • Worked in 8 countries in the Asia Pacific region speaking to groups of up to 1,000 people
  • Won awards for speaking and program delivery
  • Spoken to groups using foreign language and sign language interpreters
  • Volunteer leadership roles on state, national and international committees including 3 years on an association board
  • Sat on award and accreditation panels as a judge
  • Interviewed for TV, radio, webinars and podcasts distributed nationally and internationally
  • Articles published nationally, internationally and online
  • Qualified for numerous accreditations in speaking, training and facilitation
  • High school drop out who completed a degree as a mature age student while working full time
  • Started and restarted my business after moving from Sydney to Darwin to Brisbane
  • Tried my hand at stand up comedy and Improv
  • Volunteered at a zoo and a community garden
  • Competitive ballroom dancer
  • International housesitter and pet minder
  • Travelled overseas 60 times and visited 30 countries


Here’s what clients say

“What impressed me about Karen’s coaching was her style. She is honest, direct and challenging yet supportive.  Karen has provided guidance on best practices with additional readings while also working through specific issues that affect my business.  Working with her has enabled me to better identify weaknesses in my approach.” Stefan Sawynok, Entrepreneur

“As a coach Karen is direct and firm, but also consultative and adaptable. She takes feedback in a constructive way and worked with me to ensure she understood my goals. Karen has helped me identify key aspects of my leadership style to work on and equipped me with concrete actions I can take to get promoted”. Annalie Roux,  Technical Manager

“Karen uniquely coaches using a combination of a professional and personal engaging style while challenging your own thought leadership. I would highly recommend Karen for coaching executive development.” Andrew Steele, IT Executive


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