Nurturing the next crop of leaders

Greenhousing by Karen SchmidtIt’s time for a grass roots change to the way we develop frontline leaders. They are vital to the success of any organisation. If you want them to succeed you need to stop building an army of frontline managers and start nurturing a community of frontline leaders who can work in harmony with the nature of their teams.

  • Change the way you develop new leaders
  • 7 focus areas for your development plan
  • Understand the needs of Gen Y leaders
  • Design a leader development strategy that gets results
  • Follow 10 simple steps that will see your leaders bloom


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Thrive . . . coming soon!

How team leaders can double their team’s engagement, confidence and performance

Thrive by Karen Schmidt

If you’re a team leader, supervisor or leading hand this book can show you how to not just survive but thrive in your role. It gives you the skills to engage yourself and others plus the confidence to put those skills into practice.

  • Assess your performance and discover where you rate as leader
  • Create a mindset that gets results
  • Learn the foundation skills essential to your success
  • Deal with the common challenges you will face
  • Boost your results by becoming a collaborator

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$33.00 including postage in Australia



Keep 'em keen by Karen Schmidt

Keep ’em Keen

A guide for managers on engaging people of all ages and career stages

It used to be that the biggest staffing problem managers had to deal with was high turnover. Today, the real issue is engagement … finding ways to get staff to do more than just turn up to work physically. It’s about finding ways to engage them mentally and emotionally. If you want your team succeed learn the secrets to keeping them engaged.

  • Measure engagement in your team and what that means for their performance
  • 3 keys to creating a highly productive team
  • The secrets to engaging people of all generations
  • Effective ways to engage people no matter what their career stage


How to feel F.R.E.S.H. at work every day! by Karen Schmidt

How to feel F.R.E.S.H. at work every day!

5 skills to keep you motivated at work

Do you bound out of bed every morning, refreshed and ready for another day at work or do you find yourself thinking “oh no, here we go again”.

If you want to know the 5 simple secrets to starting every day feeling F.R.E.S.H. then keep reading. Being full of energy at work is easy when you follow the F.R.E.S.H. approach formula.

  • Forward thinking
  • Resilient
  • Enthusiastic
  • Stretching
  • Holistic


Attitudes that work by Karen Schmidt

Attitudes that work

5 attitudes guaranteed to get your working and keep you working

Attitudes that work is for people who want more career success. Whether you are looking for a job, changing careers or wanting to get promoted, you’ll find ideas to get you working and keep you working.

Learn about the 5 key attitudes you’ll need to get ahead at work. They are like cogs in your brain that interact to create momentum in your career.

  • Mastering change
  • Thinking self employed
  • Managing your own career
  • Promoting yourself
  • Lifelong learning