You’re awake

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Research by the Gallup Organisation over the last few decades has found that across all countries people can be divided into 3 categories:

  • 17% are actively disengaged or in a coma, contributing nothing, being kept alive by the system and hating what they do.
  • 70% are not engaged, they’re like zombies mindlessly sleep walking through their careers doing OK but not great.
  • 13% are awake at work, or engaged, loving their work and achieving great success.

Congratulations on being one of the small percentage of people who are wide awake, living their dream career.

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You wake up every day excited about going to work, knowing you’re fully engaged and bringing your best self.

That means you’ve found a way to define success on your terms rather than follow the crowd and end up sleep walking through your career.

The result is you’re having great success in your career and catching the attention of people who can help you achieve all your career dreams. The rest of your life is also on track too which is a sure sign you have found your dream career. Too many people forget that success needs to be holistic, it can’t be just about your career. Being successful means having a life outside of your career as well!


The challenge for you is to stay this way.

You don’t want to doze off and become a sleep walker, going through the motions because your dream career has drifted away. Right now you might think that can’t happen but it is a possibility. That’s because dreams aren’t static, they evolve over time and your career needs to do the same. I should know, that’s what happened to me.

You might already see that your career is ready for an update because you have a new dream, you’re entering a new phase of life or you can see that something is about to happen in your industry or occupation that will impact your career.

You’re smart enough to know that even the best career needs to be future proofed.

The key to staying awake is to always be reviewing your career. Don’t wait until you start to feel drowsy.

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