Are you paying too high a price for career success?

Lone 300x225 - Are you paying too high a price for career success?No one sets out to be a career failure (do they?) so aiming for career success is something we all have in common. The problem is that too many of us are prepared to pay a very high price for success.

The statistics tell the story …

  • The Black Dog Institute reports that 8 Australians die by their own hand each day and another 30 attempt suicide, with 20 per cent directly linked to their work. That means every day 2 people are taking their life and 6 people are attempting to take their life because they hate their career.
  • Beyond Blue says one in five Australians have taken time off work in the last year because they felt stressed, anxious or depressed. Those comments about “taking a mental health day” are no longer a joke.
  • A University of Edinburgh found that people over 45 with only moderate psychological distress were between 12% (women) and 28% (men) more likely to have a heart attack.
  • The European Journal of Epidemiology found the risk of having a heart attack is 20 percent higher on a Monday. You don’t need a medical degree to know why.

I haven’t even mentioned the high price you pay for damaged relationships (haven’t found a statistic on that one yet … if you have let me know).

So why does this happen? I believe it’s because we’re thinking about success in the wrong way.

If you look up the meaning of the word success you’ll find:

the attainment of fame, wealth or social status”

“the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”

“the good or bad outcome of an undertaking”

Unfortunately too many people take the first definition to be the only definition. Our obsession with fame, wealth and status is making us sick, causing too many of us to go into sleep mode to cope.

When you look at the price you’re paying for your career success are you happy with the trade off?

I’ve spent the last 20 years working with people across a wide range of organisations in the Asia Pacific region and seen this problem first hand. There are a growing number of people who are realising there is more to life than career success if it comes at the price of their physical, mental and relationship health. Are you one of them?


If you recognise that you’re paying too high a price for career success then my Dream Career Program takes you through a process that can help you to wake up and turn your dream career into reality.

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