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According to research by The Centre for Workplace Leadership, for every $10 spent on developing senior leaders only $1 is invested on team leaders and yet they make up 60% of any leadership team.

As the Team Leader Expert Karen Schmidt wants to change that. Her goal is to take team leaders from surviving to thriving so they can help their organisations to prosper. Over the last 20 years she has helped 1,000s of team leaders in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia working with corporate, small business and not for profit clients.

Karen offers practical advice to help team leaders identify their strengths and use them to engage with their teams. The result is they increase their competence and confidence so their organisations benefit from the higher productivity, lower turnover and increased innovation.

Karen is the author of 4 books and is listed in the top 200 leadership bloggers. She has presented in 8 countries, won speaking awards and qualified as a Certified Speaking Professional, a title held by less than 10% of speakers internationally.

Based on her experiences she’s created the Thriving Team Leader Indicator to help her clients increase the engagement, confidence and performance of their team leaders.

Through her Keynote Speaking, Programs and Coaching Services Karen creates team leaders who can successfully lead your organisation into the future.