I’m Karen Schmidt and I want to help successful people reinvent so they can stay that way.

Reinvention has been a theme throughout my life as I changed careers, moved interstate and restarted my business … all more than once.

It took me 14 years of working in 7 different industries before I discovered my core motivation.  I reinvented by completing a degree in Adult Education and starting my own speaking, training and coaching business.

Over the next 18 years I worked with large corporates, small businesses and not for profits across 8 countries in the Asia Pacific region helping them to develop their people. I also helped many people get promoted, change careers and start their own businesses.

Along the way I wrote 5 books on personal growth and leadership. I won awards, received accreditations and was praised by clients.  I was regularly travelling internationally, staying in luxury hotels and living the high life.

But that success was temporary. A few years later I found myself struggling and wondering what had happened. Despite seeking lots of advice to get back on track, and making some progress, it was still hard going.

The truth was I had lost my way and ignored the signs that I needed to reinvent. The economy had changed, my client’s needs had changed and, more importantly, I had drifted away from doing work I loved.

The irony was many of my clients wanted my help to reinvent. It turns out I’m really good at that. It was time for me to do it again.

My goal now is to help others reinvent. I want to show them that reinventing is not a sign of failure. It’s a sign they’re smart enough to realise that life never stands still and to create sustainable success you need to keep reinventing. That is true for your career or your business.

That’s why I started the Reinventers Project. To learn more about it and get involved click here.

Karen Schmidt | Reinvention Coach

+61 411 745 430 | karen@karenschmidt.com.au