Frontline Leadership Expert

Karen Schmidt CSP* is the Frontline Leadership expert. 


She works with frontline leaders and the people who develop them to show them how to go from surviving to thriving. Using her Practical Leadership Development model and her unique Workplace Gardening Philosophy she can offer your delegates a natural approach to leading that will have them blooming in no time!



Karen is an engaging and interactive speaker who focuses on simple yet effective solutions to the issues faced by frontline leaders.  She backs up her messages with a range of programs and resources that delegates can access after the event...


She loves working with practical industries who seem to resonate best with her down to earth messages.


For over 12 years she has been spreading the seeds of her message speaking at events large and small throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Along the way she has won awards, received positive feedback and had the satisfaction of watching the people she works with grow as leaders.


So if you want your next event to really engage your audience and help your delegates to grow as leaders contact Karen.


* CSP or Certified Speaking Professional is the highest designation of the Global Speakers Federation and held by only 10% of members internationally